Internal Branding and Forced Focus with Penny Burke

Businesses large and small, can spend huge amounts of time and money labouring over creating the perfect brand and image. Too often they focus on their external branding with little regard for their internal branding. They are like the mechanic who spends hours tuning a high performance racing vehicle without any concern for putting in the correct fuel.

Marketing consultant, change agent and director of Essence Communications Penny Burke discusses the importance of internal branding and forced focus during the latest episode of The Marketer’s Podcast.

2 Responses to “Internal Branding and Forced Focus with Penny Burke”

  1. on 15 Jun 2007 at 12:29 am Tom Peters

    Thanks very much Penny & Alan,

    What a great interview with some thought provoking insights.

    I look forward to hearing more from Penny in the future.

    Keep up the great work with your podcasts Alan.



  2. on 01 Jul 2007 at 6:18 am Admin

    Hi Tom,

    It seems that every time I reply to your comments it always comes up weeks later. :-(

    Thanks yet again for the positive feedback. 😉


    Alan :-)

    P.S. I’ve just added a new anti-comments spam plugin. Hopefully it will work without blocking real comments like yours.

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