The Secret to REALLY Doubling Your Income this Year

It is an amazing phenomenon how at the beginning of each year so many people around the globe go about making a New Year’s Resolution.

“This year I will lose 7 kilos” or “This year I will double my income”.

Sadly, for most people it only takes a few short weeks and they are back into their same old habits and routines making no real progress towards achieving their goals and aspirations. The spark of motivation that was brought about by the excitement and expectations of a New Year has extinguished and disappeared.

As this year ends they will look forward again to the feelings of hope that a New Year will bring them. They are oblivious to how the long slow cycle continues.

Can you imagine how far your car would travel if the pistons only received a spark once per year?

Perhaps we all need to up the Revs by making a New “Day’s” Resolution.


Because most people are aware of what they can really do in a day, overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in a decade.

It is easier to make your word law, to strengthen your resolve to do something when you know it is really within your reach. It may be a stretch but it is within your reach.

With a New Day’s Resolution the formula is simple… a happy and successful day consistently repeated means:

  • a happy and successful week
  • a happy and successful month
  • a happy and successful year
  • a happy and successful decade

that ultimately ensures a happy and successful life.

The power of a New Day’s Resolution comes from putting the emphasis on being rather than becoming. Instead of dwelling on past failures and regrets or the fear of an unknown future you have the opportunity to keep your thoughts and actions focused on what you can do and be now.

It is unlikely you’ll succeed at losing 7 kilos in one day; the numbers on the scales at the end of the day will more than likely demotivate you and an attempt to lose 7 kilos in one day will probably have a negative effect on your health. You can however focus on the achievable goal that “Today I will only eat enjoyable wholesome nourishing foods that energize and support me.” You are successful at being a healthy eater.

Do this just once and you now have your first taste of success, a reference that allows you to believe and imagine being your ideal weight. The piston has fired and you’re ready for the next day’s spark.

If today your thoughts, feelings and actions are congruent with being then you are attracting what you want now. You’re not getting around to attracting it sometime before the end of the year.

Above all you don’t want to make becoming a denial of being. Set your New Day’s Resolution up so that you’re happily achieving today not achieving to be happy tomorrow.

Marci Shimoff author of Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out says it best. Success doesn’t attract happiness… happiness attracts success.

Happy New Day!

Alan :-)

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Multivariate Testing and Marketing with David Bullock

Testing is the key that unlocks the full potential of the traffic that you are sending to your site. By testing and tracking, you can stop guessing. Start to know exactly what produces the sales, and what actions you must have in order for your site to be profitable. 

Epipod No. 43 of The Marketers Podcast features an interview with David Bullock. David is known throughout the Internet Marketing Community as one of the world’s leading authorities on Mulitvariate Testing and the Taguchi Testing Methodology. His gift lies in his ability to make complicated processes simple to use and understand. It was an absolute delight to have the opportunity to interview him.

Please be sure to visit David’s website at:

Are you unhappy with your conversion rate?

If you’re an Online Business Owner who’s not happy with your conversion rate then you’ll really appreciate Epipod #42 of The Marketer’s Podcast. It features an interview with Ari Galper who has literally cracked the code for online conversion success. As Ari points out during the show there are 2 major reasons they aren’t buying from you:

  1. They don’t trust what you’re telling them on your website.
  2. There are “holes” in your sales process that you can’t see, causing your visitors to leave and never come back.

During the podcast Ari reveals how he overcomes these 2 challenges and how you can too.

As promised you can claim your free DVD on Selling online with the human touch by clicking here.

The show ends with the Australian blues songstress Lana Martino-Smith performing Crippled Heart Blues.

Perry Marshall on Google AdWords

Perry Marshall is recognized by internet marketers across the globe as the world’s leading authority on engineering Google AdWords for online marketing success. Ed Keay-Smith from AdWords Marketing introduced Perry to The Marketers Podcast. In this episode Perry covers a wide range of topics, including Google’s new Quality Score, Jetstream Ads, the advantages of the Content Network, Jonathan Mizel’s Expanding Universe Theory, and much more.

You can sign up for an excellent free course by visiting Perry’s “Attract More Customers with White Papers” page.

Please feel free to quote me on the following:

“If you’re running a Google AdWords campaign and you’re not a member of Perry Marshall’s Renaissance Club, you’re probably losing money.” – Alan Stewart.

Please note: Due to the popularity of this podcast there may be a short delay before the audio begins when streaming the media.

Internal Branding and Forced Focus with Penny Burke

Businesses large and small, can spend huge amounts of time and money labouring over creating the perfect brand and image. Too often they focus on their external branding with little regard for their internal branding. They are like the mechanic who spends hours tuning a high performance racing vehicle without any concern for putting in the correct fuel.

Marketing consultant, change agent and director of Essence Communications Penny Burke discusses the importance of internal branding and forced focus during the latest episode of The Marketer’s Podcast.

Career Wisdom with Lois Keay-Smith

Lois Keay-Smith is a career counsellor and consultant who helps people to “prosper from their passion”. Through her business, Career Wisdom. Lois helps individuals to discover work that they love. She also consults as a Career Advisor to the Emirates Western Force Rugby Union team in Perth, Western Australia, helping players to design a work-life beyond rugby. She runs a popular workshop “Prosper from your Passion”, which is soon to be available as a webcast. Lois is passionate about people, her family, Sophie (her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), not to mention chocolate and red wine! Be sure to visit her wesite at:

Improving your adcopy by telling a F.A.B.L.E.

What everyone should know about writing effective adcopy but don’t.

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Andre Matarazzo from talks about Interactive Branding and Viral Marketing during epipod number 37 of The Marketer’s Podcast. As promised during the show here are some links to a few great sites Andre recommends you visit:

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Premium Podcasting with John Federico from

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